About Us

Our Story

Our founding  pastors Edmundo and Arsenia Ravelo left their Native Peru following a calling of God for the missions and being sent by the now known mission NEWMA (New World Mission Association), their initial aim was to go to Spain but the Lord directed them to London, where they arrived in 1979.

Following the calling of God to open a Hispanic church within this great city they began their work with a few families and in 1985 the CCL – Christian Community of London was born in St. Helen’s church in Ladbroke Grove.

With a passion for the souls and the calling of God in their lives, Pastor Edmundo and Arsenia started leading small family groups and they began to grow. Pioneering the one of the first Spanish speaking churches in London, they began working with cell groups; that would later be called CCL Community Groups. This caused an increase in the number of members, and in less than 3 years the church had almost 1000 members.

Meeting in homes all around multicultural London, they began to see the dream of God becoming a reality. The main aim was to make every person a leader and at the same time preparing missionaries to reach the nations; and through the School of Discipleship, many started to learn the foundations of the word of God. This made the church grow; not only in numbers but also in knowledge of the scripture.

With a team of pastors and leaders, the church has grown stronger than ever following a few shifts and changes. We now lead 5 bilingual services all over London, and we now have an English speaking service.

We also have our youth Service ‘IMPACT’ that runs every month where we see youth of all ages come together to worship Jesus by preparing to take on their responsibility to be agents of change.  

The love for the missions didn’t stop there, as a missionary church we now have daughter churches all over the world, 5 in Spain and 1 in Ecuador. 

In 2021 we sadly lost Pastora Arsenia; but her legacy and vision still lives on in the lives of many that she impacted. We  have seen the hand of God in everything we have done, and we’ve understood the great commission in going all over the world and preaching the gospel, and making disciples.


About Us

Pastoral Team


Senior Pastor

Pastor Edmundo Ravelo, is the founder of the Christian Community of London which. Alongside his wife, Pastor Arsenia Ravelo, they have built a network of churches not just in London but in Spain and Ecuador. Pastor Edmundo is currently overseeing all the missions locally and internationally.


Senior Pastors

Manor House Campus

Pastor Miguel and his wife Pastor Maylia are in charge of the School of Discipleship and are heading both the men and women’s network in the church.

Together they lead a large network of community groups and they work with families and children.


Elephant & Castle Campus

Pastor Ignacio alongside his wife, Pastor Margarita have a great passion for the work of the Lord and together lead a large network of community groups which mainly focus on couples and families.

They are also the Pastors in charge of our daughter church in Quito-Ecuador.


Pimlico Campus

Our newly ordained pastors Mario & Eucaris are working in the Pimlico Campus alongside a team of great men and women leading community groups. They have great passion for the work of the lord and they are currently in charge of the prayer ministry in the church.


Central Campus

Pastors David and Maribel have taken on the challenge to lead the English speaking service where we are seeing the dream of God become a reality in spreading the good news to all those around us and reaching many cultures. They lead a network of community groups of young families and young adults.


Bermondsey Campus

Pastors Leon have started working in the Bermondsey campus following  their work lifting up one of the daughter churches in Murcia, Spain. They work with a large network of community groups focusing on families and young people. Pastora Angela is now the Impact youth coordinator.


Stratford Campus

Newly ordained Pastors Alejandro and Maria Eugenia are working in East London lifting up groups of families filled with the passion for God. They are currently leading our Social Transformation ministry within the church.