52 Mintern Street, N1 5EG, London



The purpose of the Worship Ministry is to bring people of the Church into a worship lifestyle.

The attitude and culture that we seek in our members is to serve with joy, no matter the place, time or what they are asked to do. We want to foster an attitude that is non-competitive, non-comparative, nor judgemental of others; but to consider others as better in true humility. Instead of searching for attention or fame as the focal point, our attitude is focused to Jesus in all that we do, allowing him to shine in everything that we do, transforming our actions into true worship. Realising that worship is the way that we show we value God and that we choose to give Him the best of our talents, efforts and creativity.

To be the reflection of Jesus multiplying, growing and maturing through the disciplines of worship, personal prayer, study, communion and transparency.


This Worship Ministry exists to:

  • Glorify God the Father, Jesus Christ his son and the Holy Spirit through music and the arts
  • Connect the non-believers to the Gospel and Ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Encourage the believers to grow spiritually and,
  • Serve through exemplary leadership of worship

Taking part in the Worship Ministry is more than singing or playing an instrument, it’s leading the congregation in worship. God through scriptures puts a high value on those who lead his church in worship. . That is why it is important that every worshipper put the same value in their individual participation every Sunday and in every meeting of worship and may reflect in their daily lives the same attitude of worship they profess. Worship is a vital part of our daily life as believers and through it we recognise that Jesus Christ is the Lord! Having in sum esteem his lordship in every area of our lives; Romans 12