In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic we had an initiative to attend to people that were in need,

providing food and services around London with volunteers that have given their time to help. We continue to  aid and support people within the community; helping them with food and finding services to access.

We also have an outreach program that supports and gives aid to the people in the street. We have various groups directed by different committed members of the church who are responsible for making these social work projects successful on a continual basis. These individuals give their time, love and hard work as volunteers. Other than missions and social work being a fundamental part of our Church, the Word of God also instructs us to do so.

Twice a month, a team of volunteers from the CCL go out to various locations in the city of London where there is a large amount of homeless people. During the other weeks, the team is busy collecting clothing, bedding, food, toiletries, bibles, etc which is then donated to the homeless. They take this opportunity to speak to these individuals about the gospel and the love of God.

It is very much appreciated to collect items that will be given out during these meet ups of the Outreach programme, some of these items are as follows:


All donation clothes can be taken to the church offices.

Burkina Faso & Nigeria

Over the years our church has been making mission trips to Burkina Faso and we have recently started going to Nigeria.

These countries have a great need for the word of God and in some villages, water.

We have been able to provide water wells for those that need it most, making it accessible for them so they don’t have to talk too far to get water.

Thanks to the generous donations from our members we have been able to make this a reality for many villagers!